Mobile account and hidden payments

Find out where and how money disappears from your mobile account. Learn more about hidden mobile payments, and how to protect yourself against fraud.

$100 for a TV show episode

A single click on the video player's button can cost you quite a sum. Fraudulent pages may look like a job search site, a music catalog, or a file-sharing platform. Even for an experienced user, it is not always easy to spot a threat like that, and it's almost impossible for children and the elderly.

How does the scheme work?

By clicking a button or following a link on a fraudulent website, you unknowingly agree to pay for access to a web portal or service. Hidden payments may come as one-time or regular. Low cost paid subscriptions are often tricky to spot—mobile operators do not always report charges.

What about mobile operators?

Mobile service providers do not like to make a fuss about the problem of hidden payments. Maybe it's because they get more than 50% commission. Don't waste your time waiting for notifications on charges or satisfactory responses from the support. Often, you can only detect fraudulent charges by ordering a detailed report—or by discovering zero balance on your account.

How not to fall scammers' victims?

To prevent fraudsters from robbing your mobile account, you can try and identify their sites yourself... or just download S.Browser! It’s the world’s first browser to actually protect you from this particular type of scam. The funds on your mobile account will be safe & sound under S.Browser’s shield.

A simple solution to the hidden payments problem

Every year, fraudsters steal a great amount of money from the mobile accounts of people around the world, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna change on its own. Stop paying scammers and the mobile operators covering them! Use S.Browser yourself, help your loved ones install it—protect their mobile accounts from unsanctioned charges.

S.Browser will protect you and your loved ones

The security system of S.Browser recognizes fraudulent sites and warns you about the danger. Now you can safeguard yourself, your children, and elderly relatives from hidden mobile payments and other fraud—because now you know how to do that.

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