S.Browser is a family browser, so we pay our special attention to security matters. Your devices, data, and money will be safely protected.

Safe & private user profiles

Each S.Browser user can access the web under a dedicated password-protected profile. Your history, tabs, and bank cards will only be available to you. Also, there is a special secure profile for risky Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, on metro stations, and other public places.

Password & personal data storage

S.Browser puts your personal data—for example, passwords and bank card information—in special encrypted storage. You can easily access this data, but hackers and viruses won’t get there.

Timely warnings

S.Browser's intelligent security system will warn you of a threat in advance—before you even get to open a malicious link. This will help you protect yourself from most online threats without installing an antivirus.

Fraudulent subscriptions protection

Hidden payments, deceitful mobile services, and sudden withdrawals from your account—all this will be a thing of the past. Reliable protection against hidden mobile payments is by far the main feature S.Browser brings to the table.

Regular updates

S.Browser is being constantly improved—this applies to its security as well. We follow cybersecurity news closely, which helps us find the best available solutions to protect you from emerging online threats and menaces.

S.Browser will protect you and your loved ones

The security system of S.Browser recognizes fraudulent sites and warns you about the danger. Now you can safeguard yourself, your children, and elderly relatives from hidden mobile payments and other fraud—because now you know how to do that.

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